Buy Your URB-E with a Wescom URB-E Loan

Getting around campus has never been so easy with an URB-E — and we're making it even easier to pay for it with a Wescom URB-E Loan! We loan you the purchase amount of your URB-E and you pay it back to us in convenient, fixed monthly payments — it's that simple.

Features of a Wescom URB-E Loan:

  • Rates as low as 8.90% APR*
  • Borrow from $500-$2,500 — depending on the cost of your URB-E
  • Up to 36-month term for lower, affordable, fixed monthly payments
  • Get rewarded for making on-time payments. We will lower your interst rate by 2% if you make 12 timely, consecutive payments which helps you to save money
  • Co-borrowers are welcome
  • Set up automatic payments from a Wescom account to never miss a payment

How it Works

  • Pick out the URB-E model you want
  • Get an invoice from URB-E that includes the total amount needed to purchase your URB-E (including taxes)
  • For existing Wescom members: log in to eBranch to apply for an URB-E Loan. Select Apply for a Loan from the Menu, choose Express Online Application, and select URB-E Loan from the list of loan types and enter the total purchase amount from your invoice in the requested amount.

    For non-members (or for assistance with the application): call 1-888-8WESCOM (1-888-893-7266) or visit your nearest Wescom Branch to apply.

  • Receive a decision within one business day
  • If approved, e-sign the loan documents
  • Wescom sends funds to URB-E
  • Pick up your URB-E

Payment Example**

36 months
Loan Amount
Monthly Payment
Total Interest

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on credit rating, and is our best rate subject to credit approval. Wescom membership is required to fund the Wescom URB-E Loan. Interest accrues immediately after the loan is funded. Loan, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. A Wescom URB-E Loan is a closed-end personal loan that is repaid in regular payments over a set period of time. No pre-payment penalty if loan is paid off early.

**Payment example is for illustration purposes only.

Wescom URB-E Loans FAQ

What is a Wescom URB-E Loan and what can I use it for?
A Wescom URB-E Loan lets UCLA Wescom members borrow money to pay for an URB-E model of their choice. Similar to a Personal Loan, borrowers repay the loan in monthly payments of principal plus interest.
Am I eligible for a Wescom URB-E Loan?
To be eligible for a Wescom URB-E Loan, you must have an open Wescom Savings Account in good standing with at least $1.
What are the fees?
There are no application or hidden fees. You simply repay the principle and interest, similar to most standard loans.
What is the rate and term?
The interest rate will vary depending on credit worthiness – 8.90% - 13.90% APR. The maximum term is 36 months to provide lower affordable monthly payments.
How do you determine if I qualify for the loan?
To qualify for an URB-E Loan you must have a source of income and good credit history. If you don't have credit, you may still be eligible for a loan.
What is a co-borrower and do I need one?
A co-borrower is a person, such as your parent, who may increase your chances of qualifying for the loan if you don't have a source of income or don't have good established credit history.
How much can I borrow?
You can borrow anywhere from $500-$2,500.
Can I pay off my Wescom URB-E Loan off at any time?
Yes. There is no pre-payment penalty for paying your Wescom URB-E Loan off early.
I sold my URB-E before paying off my loan. Now what do I do?
You are still required to make monthly payments on your Wescom URB-E Loan until the amount borrowed is paid in full.

To learn more about credit, loans and other financial education topics, visit our Financial Education Center.